ZwiftMap (macOS and Windows)

If you opt in to ZwiftGPS you can let ZwiftMap show a map of you, your friends, and those in your event as an overlay, nicely on top of the game window.

Besides that ZwiftMap is many things: An overlay map even if you don’t use ZwiftGPS, a chat log, and a way to see live ride/run data.

You can use ZwiftMap on both macOSmacOS The operating system on the Mac computers from Apple and WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft..


Download “ZwiftMap (macOS)” zwiftmap.dmg – Downloaded 14619 times – 166 MB

Download “ZwiftMap (Windows)” setup-zwiftmap-2.2.2.exe – Downloaded 13219 times – 64 MB

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There is a step by step guide with pictures of how to use the new ZwiftGPS based map. Some of the first login steps will be slightly different – and simpler now – because the guide was made for a preview version but how to show and use the map window is the same.

You can find some of the things which are special for the macOS and Windows versions here:

If you want to know more about ZwiftGPS, there is an information and support page for it at ZwiftInsider.


The different announcement posts also provide a lot more information:

Fixing the ZwiftGPS Map

ZwiftMap 2.2.2 hopefully fixes a problem with missing display of the roads in the ZwiftGPS window. ...
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ZwiftMap fixed after Zwift log.txt changes

ZwiftMap 2.2.1 is a small update needed after Zwift modified its log.txt format slightly (in September) ...
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ZwiftMap updated with Makuri Islands

ZwiftMap 2.2.0 is finally there with support for Makuri Islands. Under the hood there has been some other technology updates. Unfortunately it has been necessary to remove the automatic retrieval of rider ID and weight ...
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Fix for missing chat messages in ZwiftMap

ZwiftMap 2.1.9 fixes a problem with missing chat messages. Hopefully all messages should now be shown when you run ZwiftMap with the network capture features activated. For macOSmacOS The operating system on the Mac computers ...
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Fixing missing ride data in ZwiftMap

ZwiftMap 2.1.8 fixes a problem with missing ride data. The problem started to show a few days ago, seemingly because of a change in Zwift. ...
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All worlds are supported by ZwiftGPS – and in ZwiftMap

ZwiftGPS now supports all worlds, also Bologna, Crit City, France, and Paris. That means you can see these worlds in both the classic map and the ZwiftGPS map in ZwiftMap 🙂 ZwiftMap 2.1.7 is just ...
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France and Paris are added to the classic map

The biggest change is that France and Paris maps are now included in the classic map window (6 August: And also in the ZwiftGPS window 🙂 ) Besides that there are important bug fixes regarding ...
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Always enabled chat log, ride on counts, and hopefully a fix for blinking in ZwiftGPS

A couple of things are changed. Chat and ride ons The biggest new feature is that the chat window is now always enabled (but you decide whether to show it or not). ZwiftMap monitors the ...
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Bug fix in ZwiftMap – zoom with mouse in ZwiftGPS

The ability to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel in the ZwiftGPS window was broken in the recent version 2.1.0. It has been fixed now – place your mouse in the top right ...
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Update to ZwiftMap with a few new options

If you want to read more about the features in ZwiftMap read the announcement for version 2.0.0 or some of the other information accessible from the ZwiftMap page. If you just want to download it ...
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Finally! ZwiftMap can show other users again

­After a long proces of rewriting and testing ZwiftMap (thanks to all who helped!) it is now again possible to see where other riders are in ZwiftMap. Opt in to ZwiftGPS at, download ZwiftMap, ...
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Testers wanted for ZwiftMap for macOS

UPDATE: Thanks – I have enough testers now. I plan to send out download links later this week to the ones who volunteered. I am seeking a few testers for ZwiftMap for macOSmacOS The operating ...
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ZwiftMap bug fix for the chat log (version 1.3.2)

ZwiftMap has just been updated with a bug fix for the chat log – now it will actually display the chat messages which is quite an improvement from version 1.3.1 😉 You can download the ...
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ZwiftMap – updated for Innsbruck

The downloads for ZwiftMap have been offline for some time but are back with support for the new Innsbruck map. Get the latest version (1.3.1) at the ZwiftMap page. Zwift (the company) has requested that ...
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ZwiftMap downloads are offline

The downloads for ZwiftMap are offline for the time being. Zwift (the company) has requested that all third party developers / Zwift hackers / community Zwift coders refrain from using the APIs which can be ...
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No more waiting… New routes and an updated map

The wait for new routes in Watopia is over with the update of Zwift to version 1.0.25225 today. The three new routes (level 12 locked) are Tour of Fire and Ice Road to Sky Four ...
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ZwiftMap updated with new London routes

The London map in ZwiftMap has just been updated with the new stretches of road. You don’t have to download any software to get the new map – it is retrieved automatically by Zwiftmap. Related ...
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Major update to ZwiftMap – version 1.3.0

ZwiftMap is still alive, and many changes have been implemented over the past months. Now you get to play with them – finally. What is new? The password can be saved so ZwiftMap can sign ...
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Greater London Loop in ZwiftMap

Have you seen that the London extension is here at last? Try the new Greater London Loop and let ZwiftMap show you where you are on the route. Just launch ZwiftMap as you normally do ...
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Help Wanted!

If you would like to test the next version of ZwiftMap your help would be much appreciated! The version is actually ready but I would like to have feedback from a few people (preferably WindowsWindows ...
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Toggle fullscreen in ZwiftMap (Windows only)

In today’s release of ZwiftMap 1.1.0 there was a bug in the new ‘Toggle fullscreen Zwift’ feature (this is a WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. only feature). It is fixed now in version ...
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Track your friends and race yourself with ZwiftMap 1.1.0

No more teasers – ZwiftMap with a lot of new features is finally ready! The big news: If you sign in with your Zwift user you will get a lot of extra features: * User ...
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Just about to be released!

There is lots of new stuff in ZwiftMap. A new version will be available in a day or so. Related posts Status indicator in ZwiftMap (macOS and Windows) Fixed a bug that made the map ...
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Preview of next major ZwiftMap version

The next version of ZwiftMap is in the works. In particular because of some excellent contributions from Andy Lee you can expect several exciting new features. This picture reveals a few of them if you look ...
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Hey, did you see the new road?

Today, Zwift released an route extension to Watopia. Ride it and let ZwiftMap show you where you are! The ZwiftMaps here from ZwiftHacks automatically retrieve the new map from our server so you don’t have ...
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Tips & Tricks: Customise the chat log in ZwiftMap

A user said: it’d be good if you could change the type size in the chat window, it’s just too small to read from the bike on my screen. Until this feature gets added ...
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Tips & Tricks: Customise the background in ZwiftMap

A user asked: I was wondering if you can add an option to use a custom background for each route. I use this app on my second monitor and if I can change the background ...
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Update your ZwiftMap with chat overlay and custom colours

Version 1.0.0 is a major update with more features: There is a new main window for configuration and activating/deactivating windowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft.. There is a new chat log window (a transparent ...
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Fixed a bug that made the map black – and very hard to see!

The map is supposed to show in white but because of a mistake by me it has been showing in black instead since Wednesday (I guess). That will indeed have made it very hard to see ...
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Use the <WORLD> hack and ZwiftMap together!

This is nice to know about the ZwiftMap app: Just curious – if you use ZwiftPref and select a route that is not on the calendar for the current day, the ZwiftMap app seems to only ...
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Small changes in ZwiftMap (macOS and Windows)

ZwiftMap just got a few changes and is now at version 0.2.0. Mac only: There is a new menu item which does the same as the magic key combo. It toggles whether the map window responds ...
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Status indicator in ZwiftMap (macOS and Windows)

There is a minor update to ZwiftMap: When the map can be dragged it has a dotted frame. This makes it much easier for you to see if the magic key combo works. Otherwise nothing has changed. Download ...
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ZwiftMap for macOS is here

Update 2017-03-31: Version 1.1.0 is out Update 2017-02-08: Version 1.0.0 is out   Finally, ZwiftMap for macOSmacOS The operating system on the Mac computers from Apple is here! (… and WindowsWindows The Windows operating system ...
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False malware alerts

There has been reports of Google Chrome, McAfee, and WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. Defender flagging the downloads for ZwiftMap as dangerous and containing malware. This is not the case which I have ...
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