ZwiftMap downloads are offline

The downloads for ZwiftMap are offline for the time being.

Zwift (the company) has requested that all third party developers / Zwift hackers / community Zwift coders refrain from using the APIs which can be used to obtain personal data about Zwifters. ZwiftMap does exactly that (similar to how Zwift Companion does it), so for now I have disabled new downloads of ZwiftMap. My plan is to change ZwiftMap so it complies with what Zwift (the company) will allow, and my actual hope is to be able to restore full ZwiftMap full functionality with Zwift’s approval.

Besides that, all other online tools and software here on ZwiftHacks continue to work as before.


  1. I hope it will be back soon. I did not see ZwiftHacks listed in the OPT-IN page on my Zwift. Do you think they will add Zwift Hacks soon?

    I got so used to the map and Chat function that Zwift feel incomplete without these.

  2. Not sure Zwift will want an OPT-IN for a site with the name Zwift Hacks? Maybe a change to Zwift Maps?? Shame if it isn’t included as I used it a lot (especially for chat log).

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