This tool is unsupported and the page only preserved for historic reasons.

parse-zwift-logs-screenshot-1Why this script?

I saw too many ANT+ communication failures in the log file (Log.txt) and wanted to be able to get a count of failures while riding.

This script can be launched by zwift-hotkeys via the CTRL+L hotkey and quickly summarises information from the log file:

  • ANT+ communication failures per device
  • ANT+ device battery levels
  • Count of various warning (to see over time how the count correlates to different odd behaviours in Zwift)
  • FPS
  • Start and end time

Additional features

The script supports drag and drop so any old log file can be dropped on the script (or a shortcut to it) for analysis. If you need this remember that AutoHotkey itself also must have drag and drop enabled (it is an option you must choose in the AutoHotkey installer).


Windows PC w/


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Read more about the installer package.

Download individual script files to manually install the script (get both .ahk and .ini files and place both in the same folder):

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.ini;There is no .ini file for this script