Fixing the ZwiftGPS Map

ZwiftMap 2.2.2 hopefully fixes a problem with missing display of the roads in the ZwiftGPS window.

There also seems to be a different problem with ZwiftGPS itself so it sometimes doesn’t load the map properly. You you can get it loaded by manually switching worlds in the ZwiftGPS user interface.

Where can I get it?

Find the downloads and more information at the ZwiftMap page.


  1. Little feature request:
    Option to resize the font for the eider data. I would like it smaller
    Is there a possibility to add average power as well next to average speed

    Love using the rider data cause this gives me the metrics i need without all the overlay of the HUD
    Hardly use HUD since I use zwiftmaps

    Something probably not possible is filter the chat. When in event ride you keep seeing all chat and that is confusing.

  2. I don’t know what appended in my setup but data nothing appears, with login done and npcap installed, nothing appear, only the rideons appear, what could maybe I do wrong?


    1. Zwift have introduced extra encryption so this breaks the network capture feature of ZwiftMap. You can disable it and still have some of the features such as chat but not all the data, unfortunately.

      1. Hi, is the update covers this breaks from Zwift?, is new update coming soon?, thanks

        1. Showing W/kg, speed etc. is no longer possible. There is nothing I can do about it. Zwift has decided to encrypt the network traffic, and I cannot work around that.

          In ZwiftMap you can disable the network capture setting. Then ZwiftMap will show the information (chat and position) it can read from the log file but not speed etc., unfortunately.

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