A new version of ZwiftMap Preview is ready…

Update 2018-11-13: Version 2.0.0-preview.4 uploaded (fixes missing roads in the ZwiftGPS map)

Update 2018-11-05: Version 2.0.0-preview.2 uploaded

The ZwiftMap Preview has a new version. You can find the download link in the original announcement post (see below).

This is probably almost ready to become an official version for both WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. and macOSmacOS The operating system on the Mac computers from Apple. What remains is mostly test and maybe tweak how you interact with the ZwiftGPS map. It takes some real experiences to find out what works best when riding at the same time.

Besides different layout changes you will find new functionality under Profile:

  • Log in to my.zwift.com
  • Enable auto login to my.zwift.com (to get your rider profile) and auto close to automatically close the window. my.zwift.com will then briefly open on program launch and close again when the profile has been read. For this to work you must let my.zwift.com remember your username and password.
  • Enable auto login to ZwiftGPS (the rider id in the profile – which can be retrieved automatically from my.zwift.com – is used)


  1. I have download a couple of versions of the preview and after (successfully) unzipping, I execute the start command. It starts, but the window that needs my Zwift rider ID does not seem to accept input. I cannot type or click in the window, it seems to behave much like the ZwiftMap window, as an overlay. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

    1. You have to press alt+win+s first. Then the ZwiftGPS window accept mouse clicks. You can also press the Toggle ZwiftGPS window state button in Configuration. Finally, if you go to Profile in the Configuration window you can enter your ID here and select Auto-login to ZwiftGPS. Then you won’t have to enter the ID yourself in the ZwiftGPS window.

  2. Can’t get new instal (05-11-2018) to run from the start.cmd command. The path seems to be hard-written looking for a Temp folder yet my download is is in the download folder. I’ve tried moving / copying it to the temp folder and extracting from there but still no joy. I’ve been trying for hours 🙁

    1. There is nothing hard coded in start.cmd so you can unpack anywhere you want and launch. Alternatively try to launch zwiftmap-win32-x64\zwiftmap.exe.
      You may have to unblock the extracted files (choose properties for start.cmd and check the Unblock box) before you launch.

      If this doesnt work I suspect that you either have an incomplete download or have had a problem during extraction of the files which could be caused by your anti virus program. Check properties for the downloaded zip-file. The size reported here (I have just checked) is 66,0 MB (69.264.498 bytes) and size on disk is 66,0 MB (69.267.456 bytes).

      1. If this doesn’t fix things for you use the contact form on this site to contact me. Then I can give you an e-mail address where you can send a screenshot showing what the problem is.

  3. Hi Jesper, I have tried to use the download version and the online version and I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong. I will follow some riders on Zwift companion and then I will login to the online version of Zwift GPS and I won’t see them. Also, I will try the download version and I won’t see them either. Is there a lag? Or do I need to wait? Or am doing something wrong?

  4. Hi Jesper, Using Mac OS and all the metrics are working apart from the Ride On counter that just shows a dash. Am I missing doing something? Great to have the chat screen back by the way!

    1. Thanks. The missing Ride On counter is a bug which I haven’t prioritised finding and fixing 🙂 I plan to, though…

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