Major update to ZwiftMap – version 1.3.0

ZwiftMap is still alive, and many changes have been implemented over the past months. Now you get to play with them – finally.

What is new?

  • The password can be saved so ZwiftMap can sign you in automatically. Be aware that the password is saved in clear text in the configuration file for ZwiftMap.

  • The map can be shown with a background image. It is controlled by the ‘Background’ preference in the configuration window.
  • The map can stay centered on your position. Toggle the window status (same as you would to move or resize the map window) and click ‘Start follow me’.

  • There is a whole new window which show metrics such as speed, distance etc. You can switch units between metric and imperial. You can choose which metrics to show. Just be aware that the data is only every 1-3 seconds from data received from the Zwift servers so there is a delay compared to the live metrics in the game itself.

  • In the metrics window you can see average speed.
  • In the metrics window you can see w/kg.


More changes

  • The configuration window will always be visible when you launch ZwiftMap. There is a check to make sure that it is shown on an active display and not positioned outside your active displays.
  • In the configuration window there are buttons with shortcut to make it easier to move the different ZwiftMap windows around.
  • Next: Move config window to next screen.
  • Previous: Move config window to previous screen.
  • Gather: Move other windows to same screen as the config window.
  • Default: Move windows to their default positions (relative to the config window).

There is online help in the configuration, map, and chat log windows. Hover over or click the ?-mark icons to get further descriptions of the different features.

At the bottom of the configuration window there are options to change the logging level in ZwiftMap and to see both the saved configuration file and the logs. This is not something you typically will have to think about at all, but could come in handy if you run into problems with the app.



The background image used in ZwiftMap is Copyright Zwift (the company). Thanks to Jon Mayfield for releasing the maps to the community.

A lot of credit for this version goes to Andy Lee ( for his contributions. All of the hardcore changes in ZwiftMap which allows us to retrieve information from Zwift, show rider data etc. is his work. Thank you, Andy!

Feedback is welcome

I would love to hear from you. Please leave questions and feedback as comments to this post.


Jump over to the ZwiftMap page for the downloads. You will also find links to all the previous announcement posts there.



  1. Very nice, the password save is awesome. Thanks for keeping this project alive.

  2. So, I have downloaded the macOS version of Swiftmap and it will run in it’s own window, but will not install with/overlay with Zwift. Help!

    Thank you!

    1. Have you toggled the state of the map with the magic key combo (or the item in the app menu) and moved out to where you want it placed?

      Do you run Zwift in fullscreen mode, and if so, does it make a difference of you switch to windowed mode?

  3. Thanks for the response. I was running full screen mode, which Zwiftmap did not like. It is now visible in windowed mode.

    Second question; running minimal UI in Zwiftpref with Zwiftmap is a great looking screen, but now how do I toggle to a paused ride screen?

    1. There are a couple of downsides to using the minimal UI hack:

      • You cannot access the menu or paused ride screen. This means that you cannot access settings or change e.g. your name in game (but can do it from Zwift Mobile Link).
      • The list of Zwifters in Zwift Mobile Link will be empty

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