Like many others I greatly enjoy riding my bicycle indoors on Zwift. I have spent spent many hours in Watopia, London, and Richmond (virtually) and have met many very nice people online there.

The different tools you can find on these pages have all been made to  enhance the experience of Zwift.

Many of them try to make it easier to interact with the game using the keyboard. Zwift is a lovely game/simulator/training tool but many things require you to navigate the application using a mouse which I find a pity — I have always found it easier and faster to use hotkeys and shortcuts to navigate software. Even more so when sweating on a bike…

I hope some of this will be of use to others, too.

Feel free to download, use, and repurpose what you find in the scripts and add-ons. You can do more or less what you want with them with these few caveats:

  • Do not use the tools for commercial purposes, and do not use them to make money!
  • Use the techniques and the actual code as you like, but remember to give credit to others where that is due.