Both Windows and macOS versions of ZwiftMap Preview are ready…

Version 2.0.0-preview.5 for Windows has been uploaded for anybody to download (find the download link in the announcement post linked at the end of this post).

The most important changes compared to the previous preview version are

  • You can save your Zwift username and password which will then be used for login to
  • Alt+Windows+X will focus, show, or minimise the Configuration window depending on its current state
  • All options and buttons have help texts (hover over or click the ?-marks)
  • Different shortcut keys added to the Windows page in Configuration

A download link for the macOS version has been sent to the persons who signed up to test it. Thank you for your help.

This is the announcement post with a download link for the Windows version:


Jesper lives in Vejle, Denmark and has been zwifting since 2015. He rides with World Social Riders whenever possible. Zwift name: Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen [ZwiftHacks]

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2 Responses

  1. Tim Camden says:

    Zwiftmaps 2.0.0 is great. I like that the running paths are now delineated. The maps on the old versions was getting cluttered and confusing. Now, much better!
    I notice that on the New York map, the elevated road way appears different in some map colors but not all.
    With Blue, I could make out a subtle difference but I usually make my map color yellow and I could not see a difference with yellow.
    Great work!!

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