ZwiftMap fixed after Zwift log.txt changes

ZwiftMap 2.2.1 is a small update needed after Zwift modified its log.txt format slightly (in September). This update fixes the problem that the classic map stopped showing your position.

Where can I get it?

Find the downloads and more information at the ZwiftMap page.


  1. Hey Jesper,

    Since a couple of weeks my Zwiftmap stopped displaying (September ?).
    I DO see the banners, sprints etc. just not the course..
    I’m on the 2.2.1 version
    Chat and other metrics are working fine..
    What am I missing ?


  2. Wait, it seems I’ve got 2 maps now ..
    One called ZwiftGPS and one called ZwiftMAP (map and tracker)

    The map and tracker has the course display but the GPSmap has the banners and obviously the GPS on persons..
    The ZwiftMAP is displaying coloured squares, not sure what they mean ?

      1. Yes I’m still having the problem that there’s no route display in the GPSmap

        1. What’s your OS – Windows or macOS, and which version of the OS?

          Have you tried to clear the ZwiftGPS login and signed back in? It could possibly help if it’s a caching problem.

          1. I’m on windows 10.
            To my knowledge the problem occurred after updating to the latest Zwiftmaps etc.
            I’m not 100% because I’ve not been using THIS specific setup for some months and had to update everything !

            I will clear the login and start over again later today. I’ll post back.

          2. Jesper,
            I’ve cleared the login and cache.
            There’s no map in ZwiftGPS.


          3. Do you see the other parts of the ZwiftGPS user interface or are they missing, too? If only the map itself is missing it’s a problem in ZwiftGPS itself. If everything is missing it could be a problem in ZwiftMap.

          4. I do see my position and the banners in ZwiftGPS but no map.
            When I tick the show classic box there’s the ZwiftMAP overlay.
            These 2 were normally combined, now they’re separated.

            Does this make sense ?

          5. The two were never combined – they have always been two different windows with two different ways of showing your position on the map.
            Within the next few days I’ll send you instructions for how to send me some log files ( I’m without access to a computer currently). I would also like to see a screenshot just to be sure what you see (you’ve got my email address, I think).

          6. I go down to the pain cave now and send you the screenshots..
            Take your time it’s not THAT important but it used to work…easy peasy.



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