Resize, zoom, and move your map

There are a couple of tricks you have to know to resize, zoom, and move your map around in ZwiftMap. This animation demonstrates it quickly, and below it the details are explained:

You can resize the windowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. in ZwiftMap after pressing Win+Alt+Z in Windows or Cmd+Alt+Z in macOSmacOS The operating system on the Mac computers from Apple. Drag the borders or double click inside the window to maximise it.

To zoom in and out you have to switch mode with Win+Alt+S / Cmd+Alt+S. It also enables the ZwiftGPS menu and lets ZwiftGPS react to mouse and keyboard input. Now you can zoom in/out with your mouse wheel while your cursor is over the ‘Zoom here’ area top-right.

When you are in the ZwiftGPS input mode (after pressing Win+Alt+S / Cmd+Alt+S) you can shift the map around inside the window. Just click and drag anywhere on the map (except for the ‘Zoom here’ area and the menu control).


  1. I like to resize the map to get optimal use of the screen. Now if ZwiftGPS will keep focus so I don’t have to resize during my ride.

  2. If I know that function, but … sometimes it returns to its size alone.
    And also your friends or people who are in an event usually disappear.

  3. I run Zwift and Zwiftmap on a laptop with a track pad and no scroll wheel. Is there a way to zoom in without a mouse and scroll wheel?

    1. Sure. There are two ways:

      • You can swipe up or down with two fingers (like when scrolling in a page)
      • You can pinch or stretch out two fingers to zoom in or out
  4. I just tried this new version and the problem continues … I will try again another day

    1. No. ZwiftMap is for WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft. and macOSmacOS The operating system on the Mac computers from Apple computers.

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