zwift-hotkeys is made primarily with the following objectives:

  • Add hotkeys for actions which would otherwise require use of a mouse.
  • Add hotkeys for navigating between riders when in fan view and for giving Ride On’s.
    Add hotkeys for rearranging the Zwift main window using keyboard only.
  • Besides this the zwift-hotkeys.ahk script contains a framework for detecting and displaying info about current view, course and direction based on evalation of pixel colour patterns (toggle this with Ctrl+W hotkey)

You can find more details about the various hotkeys in this List of hotkeys in zwift-hotkeys

Note: zwift-hotkeys.ahk may not work when Zwift in fullscreen mode. I have not tested that at all.

zwift-hotkeys is automatically closed when Zwift is closed. All windows with a title starting with ‘ZwiftOverlay’ are closed, too.



Windows PC w/


[su_box title=”Download full installer package”]
Read more about the installer package.

Download individual script files to manually install the script (get both .ahk and .ini files and place both in the same folder):

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