zwift-hotkeys is made primarily with the following objectives:

  • Add hotkeys for actions which would otherwise require use of a mouse.
  • Add hotkeys for navigating between riders when in fan view and for giving Ride On’s. Add hotkeys for rearranging the Zwift main window using keyboard only.
  • Besides this the zwift-hotkeys.ahk script contains a framework for detecting and displaying info about current view, course and direction based on evalation of pixel colour patterns (toggle this with Ctrl+W hotkey)
You can find more details about the various hotkeys in this List of hotkeys in zwift-hotkeys Note: zwift-hotkeys.ahk may not work when Zwift in fullscreen mode. I have not tested that at all. zwift-hotkeys is automatically closed when Zwift is closed. All windows with a title starting with ‘ZwiftOverlay’ are closed, too. 


Windows PC w/


Read more about the installer package.
Download individual script files to manually install the script (get both .ahk and .ini files and place both in the same folder): 


Update: zwift-hotkeys

zwift-hotkeys has been updated to handle some changes in how Zwift layout changes on wide screens or when you resize the Zwift window (this changed with version 1.0.24168 of Zwift...


Update: zwift-hotkeys

zwift-hotkeys has been updated with several new keyboard shortcuts and fixes. Some of the changes are: Keyboard shortcuts (R or Left Alt+R) for toggling between Running and Riding in pairing...


Bug fixes in zwift-hotkeys 2016-02-14

There is a new version of zwift-hotkeys with the following changes: Bug fix: Keys 1-5 did not switch view in Zwift as they ought to


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