ZwiftMap Preview – step by step

This gallery shows how to find your Zwift ID and activate the different windows of ZwiftMap, including the ZwiftGPS map. 


  1. Hi there,

    How can I resize the map and have the gps insync with the map. At the moment riders aren’t on the lines of the map. I can send a screenshot?

    1. First of all choose to show ZwiftGPS and not the regular map. Next, if there are riders appearing off-road they are probably in another world and ZwiftGPS probably should have hidden then instead. You can go to to verify what you can expect to see on the map in ZwiftMap.

  2. Love all the hard work. Thanks. I was also tripped up by the Alt-Win-S for a while before finally following directions properly. 🙂

    Now I see the ZwiftGPS “arches”, but no orange-lined map. If turn up the map background to 50% (on the Settings tab), I see the ZwiftGPS map, but it doesn’t look like your pictures with an orange-lined map.

    I can click “Show ZwiftGPS” and “Show map” and get something that looks like your pictures, but then need to ZwifGPS zoom and adjust window positions to get them overlayed correctly.

    1. I found the bug and fixed it in version 2.0.0-preview.4 which was just uploaded (fixes missing roads in the ZwiftGPS map)

  3. Hi Jesper, how can I edit the “metrics” window.
    I accidentally got it once but can’t reproduce. I want to disable the rideon counter because it’s not working for me.

    Thanks Rob

    1. Thanks Jesper, I’ll check tomorrow. Any idea why the ride-ons counter doesn’t work ?

  4. Hi there
    Just found this great tool.
    But, i cant get i as an overlay in Zwift. Whenever i open Zwift, they disappear. And it doesn’s matter if i toogle Zwift as fullscreen or windowed or enforce them as overlays.

    1. It is not a problem I can reproduce so I will need some extra information from you.
      – Are you using a macOS or a Windows computer?
      – Is it the same when you start ZwiftMap after Zwift?
      – Is it the same if you exit the ZwiftLauncher (Windows: Right click the Zwift icon in the system tray and select Exit), then start Zwift, and launch ZwiftMap?

      1. Hi, just downloaded Zwiftmap today….it will not overlay on Zwift but overlays any other program I have running. I’ve tried loading Zwift first and then Zwiftmap and also vice versa. What might I be doing wrong?

      2. Hi Jesper,

        I’m a new Zwifter and have just set up ZwiftMap on a second screen. It’s brilliant! Thanks so much for all your hard work. It’s far superior to the minimap included in the actual app.

        I’ve looked through the options but wasn’t able to see if it was possible, but is there any way to display an elevation graph for the chosen course? The Zwift minimap can be a confusing!

  5. Hi Jesper,

    As per your recommendation I downloaded and installed the Npcap over the WinPcap10 (the box to work with WinPcap was greyed and couldn’t be ticked ).
    Nevertheless it installed.
    Since that date the data doesn’t show up, only the ride_on’s do.
    No. km, speed, ave, power…nothing but ride on’s.

    So I immediately thought errr its the Npcap, so i uninstalled it and restarted the Windows 10 machine.
    No luck it no longer wants to display data.
    What’s the problem here ?
    Maybe reinstall WinPcap10 ?
    Did’nt try that yet.

    Kind regards,


    ps. I recently got a Windows 10 update to the 20H2 or whatever ?

    1. It’s essential they Npcap is installed with WinPcap compatibility checked. Otherwise it won’t help. I can only suggest that you remove all installations of Npcap, WinPcap10, and WinPcap, followed by a new installation of the latest version of Npcap.

      1. Ok will do as you suggest, uninstall all and a clean install of latest Npcap.

        “On top of that do make sure that the network capture features are activated in the ZwiftMap settings.”
        It has been working all the time but I’ll check network capture features also.

        I’ll report back tomorrow.


      2. It didn’t work.
        Did all you said including checking the network capturing and restarted the machine but no riders data.

        I tried to get back to the winpcap10 but that didn’t work either, so what has changed ?
        Could reinstalling zwiftmap help ?
        I hate setting it up again but I’ve already spent 2 hours now 🙁

        1. Sorry to hear that it still doesn’t work for you. You can just download and install the latest version of ZwiftMap on top of your existing installation. It should preserve your settings.

          1. Already did that, didn’t work.
            It’s driving me crazy.
            Normally I would let it go but I really like zwiftmap and want to get working again!

            You have another idea ?

    2. Hi Rob & Jesper,

      Seems I have similar problem. I’ve been using the metrics window for a long time but it stopped working last Wednesday mid ride. Couldn’t get it work yesterday or today. I tried pretty much all you Jesper suggested here.

      Btw. I really appreciate work you do for Zwifters, Jesper!

      Kind Regards,

      1. Hi Sami,

        Did you get a Windows update ?

        Jesper tried to get my version to work and all seems good so it might be Windows ?


        1. Hi Rob,

          I think the latest Windows update installed today, I think nothing new was installed on Wednesday when the metrics stopped working. But most likely could be something related to that update.


          1. Hi Sami,

            I do think mine stopped also last Wednesday…

            I don’t recall installing other software as this is a dedicated Zwift pc without other programs running besides Spotify and TrainerRoad.

            Would be appreciated if you come up with something to let me know !?

            Windows didn’t let me restore a backup point from last week so can’t go back in time, maybe this works for you ?
            Win+R and type “rstrui” to get your restore points.


          2. Rob, I let you know if I come up with something for sure.


      2. I have found the reason for the missing data – it is because of a change in Zwift. It will fixed by a new version of ZwiftMap.

        1. Awesome Jesper,

          It’s a pity Zwift doesn’t report these changes.
          Looking forward to the new version.


  6. Are there any troubleshooting steps to activate metrics? Mine populate zeros across the overlay.

      1. @Jesper
        How can I enable installation of npcap-1.10 with WinPcap compatibility checked?
        Is this any different than legacy compatibility mode of generic .exe (under properties) for Windows 95+?

          1. If you for some reason aren’t allowed to check that box just uninstall Npcap completely and install it again.

  7. Hi Jesper,
    Recently I started having troubles with not receiving any data. (No. km, speed, ave, power).
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling ZwiftMaps.
    I have also downloaded and reinstalled Npcap, but no luck it no longer wants to display data.
    When I unchecked the “Activate network capture” I can get “Ride on” numbers and rider position on overlay but no data. If I check “Activate network capture” I do not get any data including “Ride on” numbers and rider position.
    Is anyone else having problems with not receiving any data.
    Kind regards,

    1. Showing W/kg, speed etc. is no longer possible. There is nothing I can do about it. Zwift has decided to encrypt the network traffic, and I cannot work around that.

      In ZwiftMap you can disable the network capture setting. Then ZwiftMap will show the information (chat and position) it can read from the log file but not speed etc., unfortunately.

      1. Thanks for the reply. A big pity that you can no longer can get speed/distance data

  8. Hi Jesper!

    First of all, awesome work on ZwiftHack tools!

    Secondly, I wonder if the zwifthacks map could either display elevation with more vibrant colors (like Alpe is white at top, but if the current selected route includes Epic KOM? than it’s not really changing color for the route from base to top), or change manually how to calculate with it (like orange from 0-100, yellow from 100 to 300,etc.).

    Or manually change it to be colored by gradient and not by elevation?


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