ZwiftMap FAQ, tips, and tricks

The ZwiftGPS window does not react to input

Use the key combo Alt+Win+S (WindowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft.) or Alt+Cmd+S (macOSmacOS The operating system on the Mac computers from Apple) to toggle the state of the ZwiftGPS windows so you can interact with the ZwiftGPS controls.

The window that needs my Zwift rider ID does not seem to accept input

Q: It starts, but the window that needs my Zwift rider ID does not seem to accept input. I cannot type or click in the window, it seems to behave much like the ZwiftMap window, as an overlay. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

A: You have to press Alt+Win+S (Windows) or Alt+Cmd+S (macOS) first. Then the ZwiftGPS window accept mouse clicks.

You can also press the Toggle ZwiftGPS window state button in Configuration.

Finally, if you go to Profile in the Configuration window you can enter your ID here and select Auto-login to ZwiftGPS. Then you won’t have to enter the ID yourself in the ZwiftGPS window.

I don’t see my friends on the map

You should persuade your friends to opt in to ZwiftGPS at, too. You can only see riders/runners who actively have consented to let Zwift share data with ZwiftGPS.

How to activate chat and ride/run data

Showing chat and ride/run data require a data source for it – specifically that ZwiftMap can intercept the UDP and TCP packages exchanged between the game and the server at Zwift.

First of all you must activate the network capture features under Settings. Check the box, press Save, and close ZwiftMap. The next time you start ZwiftMap the features will be activated if you also make the following OS specific setup of your computer:


Your user must have access rights to enable capture of network traffic. You can enable it with the following command in Terminal (it will give your user read access to the network devices /dev/bpf*):

sudo chmod o+r /dev/bpf*

This will let ZwiftMap capture network traffic (from next time you start it).


Besides ZwiftMap you must install Npcap (install it with the WinPcap compatibility option) on your PC.

I cannot get the map to overlay Zwift

Are you running Zwift in fullscreen or window mode? It often does not show as an overlay if Zwift is in fullscreen mode so switch to window mode instead.

Any plans to create a version for the Apple TV?

No. The tvOS (Apple TV) just does not enable running another app at the same time as Zwift.