Trying to bring back ride data in ZwiftMap

Many have noticed that ZwiftMap have stopped showing ride data and chat.

That was caused by a change in Zwift earlier this year. Zwift started encrypting the network traffic between the game and the servers, which broke many community tools, e.g. ZwiftMap. If you want to read more about that, find more information in the Zwift Forums or at GitHub where it was announced.

Now, there finally is a preview version (ZwiftMap version 2.3.0) with an new way of getting ride data from Zwift.

Important points:

  • This is only for Windows.
  • It reads Zwift data from memory instead of capturing network traffic. That will make it more vulnerable to changes in Zwift itself. To work around that ZwiftMap will pull some needed configuration files from a ZwiftHacks server/page. That way it should be possible to handle changes caused by new Zwift version without you having to download and update the software itself, at least in theory. Let’s see how it goes in practice…
  • This is a preview/test version. Please report the problems you encounter.


Leave your feedback as comments here and not via the Contact form.


Download at the ZwiftMap Preview for Windows page.


  1. Hey, Jasper!
    Thanx for making this work again. I did a quick test. I joined a group event. While sitting in the pen chat overlay is picking up msg from riders but there are no names. It just says paddock. I noticed it doesn’t pick up msgs from the leader.
    When the event started “paddock” changed to “group event” so there is no way you can link older msg to a rider’s name. For me, that is crucial when leading group rides.
    I will report back if anything else comes up.

    1. That is pretty much the expected behaviour since the rider names isn’t written by Zwift to the log.txt file except when freeriding, but I will probably just display the user id then.
      That the leader messages do not show up is something I can fix, I think.

    1. It ought to be working again now. You do NOT have to download and install again – it was a matter of a configuration which had to be updated to match the latest Zwift version.

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