ZwiftMap bug fix for the chat log (version 1.3.2)

ZwiftMap has just been updated with a bug fix for the chat log – now it will actually display the chat messages which is quite an improvement from version 1.3.1 😉

You can download the newest version for both Windows and macOS at the ZwiftMap page.




  1. Hi, congratulations and thanks for the great work in your apps.

    Any idea why the sign in button is disabled? I’m using version 1.3.2 with Zwift 1.0.28901, tried both Mac and Windows versions. I would like to use the ghosts functionality.


    1. The sign in functionality has been disabled because Zwift requested me and other developers to stop using the Zwift API’s. I still hope to be able to restore the functionality, eventually.

      1. Any chances of adding an option to use ghosts with zwift-offline server?

        1. I’m trying version 1.3.0 from your gitlab, after signing in to zoffline server I get this error (had to change /api/developer calls to /api)

          at getProfile.then.profile (/Users/cassio/zwiftmap-multi/node_modules/zwift-second-screen/server/rider.js:69:18)
          at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
          TypeError: Cannot create property ‘me’ on string

          Any idea what’s wrong? Something missing in zoffline server?


          1. It is difficult to say if it something in zoffline or zwift-second-screen which is the cause. A better way to isolate the problem could be to grab on older version of zwift-second-screen from GitHub from before the developer API changes and work on from there.

            I am looking at enabling ghost functionality in ZwiftMap but a release of a new version is probably still weeks away.

      2. Which version of zwift-second-screen did you use before the developer API changes?

        1. Using zwift-mobile-api 0.3.9 and zwift-second-screen 0.1.1 it connects to zoffline and opens the edit ghosts window without errors, but the window is blank and nothing happens when I click the + button (nothing in zoffline logs too). Any hint where I could add some debug to find out what’s missing?

          Thank you.

  2. Hi, first off all i want to compliment your team with this great build.

    now my question 🙂 , is there a reason why i can’t see the one’s i follow on the map anymore?


    1. Yes, it is because the requests which pulled data from Zwift servers have been disabled in the app. Zwift asked for this in connection with GDPR and their new privacy policy.
      I am looking at how to restore the functionality in a way which also aligns with what Zwift will allow. I cannot say when it will be, yet.

  3. Any reason using maps withMAC it doesn’t show other riders, just me. I don’t have it checked for me only. The windows computer will show the riders, but my Mac won’t….?? I’m using version 1.3.2.

  4. One more comment on MAC for MAPS. It doesn’t let me log in, or log in automatically. It does show me on the map when I log into Zwift, but the log in button on ZwiftMaps is greyed out. On the PC it logs me in…………

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