Bug fix in ZwiftMap – zoom with mouse in ZwiftGPS

The ability to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel in the ZwiftGPS window was broken in the recent version 2.1.0. It has been fixed now – place your mouse in the top right corner of the ZwiftGPS and wheel away…

Where can I get it?

Find the downloads and more information at the ZwiftMap page.


  1. You do great work Jesper but the last few versions don’t seem to work well for me.
    Sometimes the wrong world is loaded or not updated, at the same time my and friends locations are not displayed and a restart of ZwiftMap doesn’t solve it.
    Other days it’s working fine as it should.
    Any ideas ?



    1. I believe it’s a ZwiftGPS problem. ZwiftMap really just acts as a browser showing ZwiftGPS. Could you try running ZwiftGPS in a browser at same time and see if the behaviour is the same there?

      1. You mean log in at zwiftgps.com ?
        Not sure….it’s ages ago since I set things up.

          1. Ok gotcha.
            I’ll check next week and Iet you know.

          2. I analysed this further and am pretty sure that it happens when the ZwiftGPS server is under load. I made some attempts to circumvent the problem in the new version 2.1.3 just released

          3. Hey Jesper, I’m pretty sure you’re right. This morning I couldn’t reproduce the error as not many were active.
            About the ride one – does it mean the counter is now actually working because it never did for me.
            Thanks again for the work you put in.


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