All worlds are supported by ZwiftGPS – and in ZwiftMap

ZwiftGPS now supports all worlds, also Bologna, Crit City, France, and Paris. That means you can see these worlds in both the classic map and the ZwiftGPS map in ZwiftMap 🙂

ZwiftMap 2.1.7 is just a small bug fix release because it displayed New York instead of Crit City in the ZwiftGPS window. Oops!

Where can I get it?

Find the downloads and more information at the ZwiftMap page.


  1. I have said it before Jesper but I really appreciate what you are doing ❤️🙏


    Roberto Herradura – Fighting cancer

  2. Hi! For me ZwiftMap doesnt work. Windows 10. What i do wrong? I downloads ZwiftMap, installs winpcap10, run zwift, run zwiftmap, press checkbox “show chat”, opens Zwift and trying to write something, and chat in ZwiftMap is clear.

    1. Please try with Npcap instead of WinPcap10. I’ll probably have to change the recommendation to only use Npcap.

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