Finally! ZwiftMap can show other users again

­After a long proces of rewriting and testing ZwiftMap (thanks to all who helped!) it is now again possible to see where other riders are in ZwiftMap.

Opt in to ZwiftGPS at, download ZwiftMap, and you are ready to go! 

What is new?

ZwiftMap 2.0.0 is delivers much of the same functionality as ZwiftMap did in the past, but many things have changed on the inside.

The Configuration window now has three screens:

  • [glossary_exclude]Windows[/glossary_exclude]  – Here you control which [glossary_exclude]windows[/glossary_exclude] to show. Except for the first run of ZwiftMap the Configuration window will alway open on this screen. It is because it has the ffunctions you are most likely to access again and again.
  • Profile – You can save your username and password and configure different things which are related to your user profile in Zwift and ZwiftGPS.
  • Settings – Here you control the settings such as colours, background opacity, and different window properties. You can also access configuration files and log files from this screen.

There are several things which are new compared to the old version of ZwiftMap:

  • A map powered by ZwiftGPS
    1. Use all the features of ZwiftGPS but as an click-through overlay
    2. Show/hide the different controls in ZwiftGPS with a keyboard shortcut (Windows+Alt+S in Windows and Command+Alt+S in macOS)
    3. Position and resize the map window as you like (toggle the positioning/resize mode with the keyboard shortcut Windows+Alt+Z in Windows and Command+Alt+Z in macOS )
    4. Adjust background transparency
    5. Enable auto login to ZwiftGPS (the rider ID in the profile – which can be retrieved automatically from – is used).
  • Several changes to the configuration window
    • Different screens
    • More online help and guidance
  • Save Zwift username and password to enable automatic login to
  • Get profile (rider ID) automatically from so the rider ID can be used for auto-login to ZwiftGPS.
    1. Enable auto login to (to get your rider profile) and auto close to automatically close the window. will then briefly open on program launch and close again when the profile has been read. For this to work you must let remember your username and password or store your username and password in ZwiftMap.
  • Choose whether to minimise the Configuration window on start (default) or not.
  • Control the Configuration window (focus or hide/minimise) with the hotkey
    (Windows+Alt+X in Windows and Command+Alt+X in macOS)
  • You can choose to activate advanced network features.  Then it gives you
    1. A detailed chat log with name display
    2. All metrics in the Ride/run data window, incl. w/kg
    3. Ride/run data updated with same frequency as the in-game display
  • Chat log improvements
    1. Show Ride Ons
    2. Show personal messages in a different style 

Where can I get it?

Find the downloads and more information at the ZwiftMap page.

Background information

After having thought about it over the summer period of 2018 and made a few proof of concepts I decided that ZwiftMap should live on. It seems like there is an audience for this type of game overlay application, in particular the map and chat log parts of it.

I don’t think Zwift will open up for more third party apps in the near future.

Based on that I had two sources of data for ZwiftMap:

  1. the log file (this is the fallback solution – it enables a basic map)
  2. the UDP and TCP packages between the game and the server

But even then, because the mobile API became off-limits after GPDR went into effect in May 2018, there is no way to retrieve information about other users and show them on the map – except from ZwiftGPS.

By embedding (with full functionality) ZwiftGPS as a map window in ZwiftMap, ZwiftGPS users get the full ZwiftGPS experience whether in a regular browser or directly in a ZwiftMap ‘browser’ as a screen overlay, whatever they prefer.  ZwiftGPS opt-in is still required and data is only shown for those who opted in.


  1. Hi can I select the people I want to view on the map, i.e. my fellow category racers so I can chase or escape from them?

    1. You will see those riders you follow who also have opted in to ZwiftGPS. The exception is in the event mode of ZwiftGPS where you see all the event riders who opted in. You cannot filter/select who to see other than that.

  2. I can’t get chat window or ride/run data window to work on windows 10 with win10pcap/npcap

      1. Yes I have but, when I removed win10pcap and reinstalled it, it started working properly again!

    1. Yes. I have been waiting for ZwiftGPS to be updated but will probably release an update where the ‘classic’ map will support Bologna. I have a few minor changes also ready to be released.

      1. Thanks alot for keeping this up and running even with the nice weather. I see you do a lot of outdoor riding.

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