Update to ZwiftMap with a few new options

If you want to read more about the features in ZwiftMap read the announcement for version 2.0.0 or some of the other information accessible from the ZwiftMap page.

If you just want to download it head over to the ZwiftMap page.

What is new?

ZwiftMap 2.1.0 is really just a service release with a couple of small improvement which never had gotten released plus some internal changes.

  • There is a new option (default) to reset (actually, override) zoom in zwiftgps to 100%
  • There is a new option to hide running-only roads
  • All worlds are supported in the classic map

Where can I get it?

Find the downloads and more information at the ZwiftMap page.


  1. Zwiftmap is great.
    The only thing bugging us is that ZwiftGPS normally doesn’t work! (Well, it works maybe 20-30% of the time.)

  2. Thanks for all your effort.

    I have lost the ability to use the mouse scroll wheel to manually scale the map. Do you also see that.

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