Fixing missing ride data in ZwiftMap

ZwiftMap 2.1.8 fixes a problem with missing ride data. The problem started to show a few days ago, seemingly because of a change in Zwift.

Where can I get it?

Find the downloads and more information at the ZwiftMap page.


  1. Hi, I have update to ZwiftMaps 2.1.8 but I am having troubles getting ride data. The Ride Ons counter is working but I am not getting speed, ave speed, distance, distance climbed, power, w/kg, cadence and time.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. I have worked it out (I did not read the instruction at zwiftmap-faq-tips-and-tricks/).
    Sorry for any troubles

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Out of curiosity, was it because the missing NPCap install?


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