ZwiftMap Preview

Opt in to ZwiftGPS at and once again get to see where other riders are in ZwiftMap. 

It is just a preview version and as such still missing a few features, but if you have a Windows desktop computer you can download and try the new version. 

The only thing I ask you to do is to leave as much feedback as possible as comments here. There will be more preview versions in the coming weeks until it is ready for a normal release, also for macOS.


Download and installation

Download “ZwiftMap Preview”

setup-zwiftmap-2.4.0.exe – Downloaded 5523 times – 69.04 MB

Download and run the installer. It updates your old ZwiftMap if you have an older version installed.

How to use it

See the picture gallery at 

ZwiftMap preview – step by step

What is new?

There are several things which are new compared to the ‘official’ version of ZwiftMap on the ZwiftMap page:

  1. Advanced features using Pcap, sniffing the network traffic between the game and the servers.  Besides ZwiftMap you must install Npcap (with the install option WinPcap compatibility)1 on your PC. Then it gives you
    1. A detailed chatlog with name display
    2. All metrics in the Metrics window, incl. w/kg
    3. Metrics updated with same frequency as the in-game display
  2. Chat log improvements
    1. Show Ride Ons
    2. Show personal messages in a different style 
    3. Planned: Different styling for messages from riders nearby and far away
  3. Map powered by ZwiftGPS
    1. Use all the features of ZwiftGPS but as an click-through overlay
    2. Show/hide the different controls in ZwiftGPS with a keyboard shortcut (Windows+Alt+S in Windows and Command+Alt+S in macOS)
    3. Position and resize the map window as you like (toggle the positioning/resize mode with the keyboard shortcut Windows+Alt+Z in Windows and Command+Alt+Z in macOS )
    4. Adjust background transparency
    5. New 2018-10-25: Auto-login to ZwiftGPS (the rider id in the profile – which can also be retrieved automatically from – is used)
  4. Several changes to the configuration window
  5. New 2018-10-25: Get profile (rider ID) automatically from so the rider ID can be used for auto-login to ZwiftGPS
    1. Log in to
    2. Enable auto login to (to get your rider profile) and auto close to automatically close the window. will then briefly open on program launch and close again when the profile has been read. For this to work you must let remember your username and password.
  6. New 2018-12-23: Save Zwift username and password to enable automatic login to

Background information

After having thought about it over the summer period and made a few proof of concepts I have more or less decided that ZwiftMap will live on. It seems like there is an audience for this type of game overlay application, in particular the map and chat log parts of it.

I don’t think Zwift will open up for more third party apps in the near future, and definitely not desktop apps – I wouldn’t if it was my company. How would they possibly be able to know and document how personal information is spread and used?

Based on that I have two sources of data for ZwiftMap:

  1. the log file (this is the fallback solution – it enables a basic map and chat log)
  2. the UDP and TCP packages between the game and the server (this is used if a Pcap driver has been installed on the computer – it enables a more up to date map, still with just one’s own position, a full chat log with usernames, and showing metrics such as w/kg, speed, power, etc. just as fast as the HUD elements update in the game itself)

Because the mobile API is off-limits, there is of course no way to access information about other users and show them on the map – except from ZwiftGPS.

By embedding (with full functionality) ZwiftGPS as a map window in ZwiftMap, ZwiftGPS users get the full ZwiftGPS experience whether in a regular browser or directly in a ZwiftMap ‘browser’ as a screen overlay, whatever they prefer.  ZwiftGPS opt-in is still required and data is only shown for those who opted in.

Extended functionality with Pcap

Install Npcap (with the install option WinPcap compatibility).

  1. Changed 2020-10-30 to only recommend Npcap []


  1. Hi Jesper,

    I just downloaded the Zwiftmap-preview and when i start extracting the rar file i see in two errors.
    The first one:
    Unexpected end of data

    and the second one:
    Data error: zwiftmap-win32-x64\zwiftmap.exe

    1. My best guess is that you have an incomplete download or have tried to unzip before last bits of the file was downloaded. I have just tried to download and unzip with the built-in tools in Windows without any problem.

      Please try again and let me know if the problem doesn’t get solved.

      1. Hi Jesper,

        I have downloaded the file again but still the same two errors. i also tried to download the file on Ubuntu. In Ubuntu i got a error as well when opening the file with a zip program.

        In Windows it tells me the file is 63,7MB (66.801.664bytes on disk and 66.799.181 as given size)

        1. When I download I get a file which has the following properties (in Windows):
          Size: 66,0 MB (69.262.036 bytes)
          Size on disk: 66,0 MB (69.263.360 bytes)

          You can also check if the file is complete from its MD5 hash if you know how to get that. The current version of has this MD5 hash: 24f11e9b71b486ba8369e9e3d78942c0

          It looks as if you are still getting an incomplete file, perhaps because it is cached. At a proxy server, perhaps?

          I can send you a different download link by e-mail if you are interested.

          1. if you can send me the link i thank you a lot.

            meanwhile i need to find this strange error in WIndows

  2. Hi Jesper.

    So far so good. I see in the picture of your map that you can see your friends riding position. On my version there is only me. Do you think it has something to do with the fact that I still have the original installed?


    1. You have chosen Show ZwiftGPS and not Show map? Then you should see exactly the same as you would on

      It doesn’t matter that you have the old version installed still. Just remember that you must start the preview with start.cmd that was in the zip file.

  3. Hi Jesper,
    I’m on a Mac, and the “login” button is always grayed out, so I can’t login.
    any idea what might cause this?

    1. That is because that functionality was disabled from May 1 due to GDPR.

      For now it is just the preview version which can show the position of other riders and you’ll have to wait a bit before it is released for macOS – for now it is just for Windows.

  4. Re: Mac OS Version. Would it be possible to have an option or version to show only cycling (or perhaps alternatively) only running routes/roads. Maps such as Watopia and NY containing both are cluttered and a bit confusing to understand at a glance.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. It could probably be an option to filter out run routes entirely, do I may implement that feature.

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