The Whoa! Stopper

This tool is unsupported and the page only preserved for historic reasons.

Whoa! Zwift cannot connect to the internet. Please check your internet connection and try again.

This is a recurring message when I wake up my PC from a power save mode because the network connection is just a bit slower to be back up than the Zwift Launcher can handle nicely.

The Whoa! Stopper fixes this annoying problem…


On installation The Whoa! Stopper registers a scheduled task which checks for and dismisses the annoying “Whoa!” alerts from the Zwift Launcher after resuming from sleep/hibernation.

The Zwift Launcher is then re-launched after waiting for approx. 20 seconds which in most cases mean that the network connection will be ready by that time.



The recommended and easiest way to get this running is to download the installer package below, and simply run the setup. The task is created automatically and run every time your PC resumes from sleep/hibernation.

If you want to remove the tool again, just remove it using Add or remove programs in the Windows settings (look for whoa-stopper in the app list).



Download “The Whoa! Stopper installer”

setup-whoa-stopper.exe – Downloaded 2540 times – 736.51 KB


Alternative download (for AutoHotkey fans)

You can also download the AutoHotkey script version if you – or your malware detection software – don’t trust the installer.

Download “The Whoa! Stopper script” – Downloaded 3043 times – 2.46 KB


Of course, AutoHotkey must be installed on your PC first. Then unzip the script somewhere, open a cmd or PowerShell window, cd to the folder where you placed the script, and run the following command:

.\whoa-stopper.ahk /register

This creates the task in Task Scheduler. Do not move or delete the script – it is run by that task.

To remove the task in Task Scheduler, run the following command:

.\whoa-stopper.ahk /unregister

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