ZwiftPref (macOS and Windows)

You want to use the hidden setting with which YOU get to decide where you will be zwifting today?

You want easy access to set trainer effect (also called resistance level) before you launch Zwift?

You can use ZwiftPref on both macOS and Windows to do this and more…


What is ZwiftPref?

ZwiftPref is an app for your macOS or Windows computer which helps you change settings for Zwift in the prefs.xml file in an easy and safe way.

World and Route selection in ZwiftPref


More screenshots:

World and Route selection in ZwiftPref – default view

Trainer Effect and Tacx New Road Feel screen

Select sport, tune the UI, remember/recall your preferred monitor, adjust workout settings, and turn power smoothing on/off

Version information and link to more information


How to use

After installation, launch the ZwiftPref app.

prefs.xml is loaded into the app when it starts and when you press the ‘Reload’ button.

Change settings as you like and press ‘Save’ to have the changes written back to prefs.xml. The changes will then apply the next time you start Zwift.

If you close/quit the app without pressing ‘Save’ nothing is changed in prefs.xml




Download ZwiftPref (macOS) zwiftpref.dmg – 50 MB

md5 checksum: 4f695af05697b4b7fde4510691282195

Security settings

You will have to adjust some security settings. See the section ‘Security settings’ in the post ZwiftMap for macOS is here. It is the same for ZwiftPref.


Download ZwiftPref (Windows) setup-zwiftpref-0.4.0.exe – 38 MB

md5 checksum: d80f5a8d895205c39a6909025d0059d6



0.3.2 2018-03-26

  • Fully data driven listing of worlds and routes (preparing for a new world)
  • Remember and recall preferred monitor (stores the information in a separate file named saved_prefs.json)
  • Supports –offline parameter to not read any data from the web (routes list, event schedule, map schedule)
  • For development/test: Supports –test parameter to use local file routes-test.json as input (use with –offline)

0.2.5 2017-10-28

  • Choose sport (Riding or Running)
  • More routes
  • Open prefs.xml in a text editor

0.2.4 2017-09-11

  • Change more settings
  • Pick routes
  • See upcoming events

0.1.0 2017-01-26

  • All platforms: First release


Read more

The announcement posts provide a lot more information:

ZwiftPref is updated with New York and run course selection

ZwiftPref is updated with New York and run course selection

If you want more of New York when the calendar switches to Watopia in a couple of days, now may be a good time to get the new version... ...
How to choose a 3rd world…

How to choose a 3rd world…

It is really to simple to select a world other than Watopia and the guest world of the day with zwift-preferences and ZwiftPref. Just remember that you must click... ...
ZwiftPref for macOS & Windows – Change world and other settings

ZwiftPref for macOS & Windows – Change world and other settings

UPDATE: This was the original announcement of ZwiftPref. The most recent information can be found over at the main page for the app. You want to make use the... ...
Major update to ZwiftPref for macOS & Windows

Major update to ZwiftPref for macOS & Windows

Execute the World Hack safely with ZwiftPref and YOU get to decide where you will be zwifting today. Pre-select the route before you launch Zwift itself. See route details and... ...
New London routes

New London routes

There are three new London routes in the new version 1.0.22839 (released for iOS today and eagerly awaited for macOS and Windows – it will probably happen before London is... ...
No more waiting… New routes and an updated map

No more waiting… New routes and an updated map

The wait for new routes in Watopia is over with the update of Zwift to version 1.0.25225 today. The three new routes (level 12 locked) are Tour of Fire... ...
While we wait… ZwiftPref update

While we wait… ZwiftPref update

While we wait for new routes in the next Zwift update and probably a new world later on, now is a good time to get the latest version of... ...
World 5 is here…

World 5 is here…

…and supported by ZwiftPref and zwift-preferences. You won’t even have to download new version – both apps pull the list of worlds and courses from the ZwiftHacks server and... ...
Mega Pretzel and Greatest London Flat

Mega Pretzel and Greatest London Flat

All of the different ZwiftHacks apps know about the new Mega Pretzel and Greatest London Flat routes. That because they all get the latest list of routes here from... ...
Use the <WORLD> hack and ZwiftMap together!

Use the <WORLD> hack and ZwiftMap together!

This is nice to know about the ZwiftMap app: Just curious – if you use ZwiftPref and select a route that is not on the calendar for the current day,... ...



CC0 1.0 (Public Domain)

This license applies only to the original parts of the work. The original licenses of any included packages apply without modification.



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15 Responses

  1. mark says:

    when can we expect an update for the new locations maps?

    • jesper says:

      Just make sure that you have the latest version (from March). This version is prepared for new worlds and new routes – when Zwift releases them, ZwiftPref will pull the information from the ZwiftHacks server and almost magically let you choose world and routes (well, unless Zwift changes too much – then it may require a bit more work on the ZwiftPref code 🙂 ).

  2. Robert says:

    Are you planning an Android version soon?

  3. CELLE CEDRIC says:

    ZWIFT PREF is great but I use ZWIFT on IPAD. Is it possible to run zwift pref with IPAD ou IPHONE?

  4. Michael Hare says:

    Any plan for an IOS version?

  5. sshMatthew says:

    Would I be able to ride routes I haven’t leveled up for yet, if I choose that route in Zwift Pref?

    You guys are great; thanks!

  6. Derek says:

    Has this been updated for Catalina? I’m new to Zwift and was very excited to find this, but even though the program opens, it only shows 3 worlds (Watopia, Richmond, and London), and I have yet to find any prefs.xml file on my machine. I’ve followed all the instructions above, but nothing seems to change. Looking into the Zwift software package, the only thing I find that looks remotely like the prefs.xml is the info.plist file, but it seems to be locked even in the administrator account, so I can’t try the manual world hack. Thanks for any help/feedback and your hard work!

    • Jesper says:

      I don’t of that it needs updating for Catalina – that I will have to look into.

      Regarding the location of prefs.xml: See where it is described how you find this file. It is not in the software package but is created in Documents/Zwift (see the post and possibly also some of the first comments).

    • Jesper says:

      I have tested with Catalina now and it works as it should BUT you have to allow ZwiftPref to access your Documents folder when prompted by macOS. This is because of changes to the security model in Catalina compared to previous macOS versions.

  7. HelloWoody says:

    Very nice! What did you use to program this? Java?

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