New London routes

There are three new London routes in the new version 1.0.22839 (released for iOS today and eagerly awaited for macOS and Windows – it will probably happen before London is in rotation Tuesday). Edit: Version 1.0.22878 has been released for Windows

The three routes are:

Surrey Hills
40.8 km 890 m
25.4 mi 2919 ft

Greatest London Loop
25.9 km 347 m
16.1 mi 1172 ft

Triple Loops
40.8 km 563 m
25.4 mi 1848 ft

ZwiftPref and zwift-preferences should be ready to let you select the new routes because they read the route list here from ZwiftHacks, but you must wait for the game update to 1.0.22839 before you can ride them on macOS and Windows.

Psst: You can cheat your way into London on iOS already to get a sneak peek…

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