World hack into France and Paris

The latest update of Zwift brings France and Paris into the regular guest world rotation. Even better, you can world hack into both France and Paris with zwift-preferences / ZwiftPref.

You don’t even have to update anything – it just works because zwift-preferences and ZwiftPref automatically pull configuration data from the ZwiftHacks server.


  1. Can you fix the names in Paris.
    Like Champs-Élys&eacute would be Champs-Élysées

    thanks for the hack

  2. Yesterday I installed ZwiftPref to ride France/Ven-Top working toward the Everest Challenge. Both yesterday and today Zwift crashed on my way down in exactly the same spot, just before the left hand turn back toward the starting pens. I have lost all my elevation climbed. In three years of riding I have had no connectivity issues, lost rides, etc. The only thing different is ZwiftPref and riding on a different World than the day’s lineup. What’s going on.

    1. Thought I had responded to this earlier today but apparently it didn’t post, so here goes:

      It’s a Zwift bug you are encountering. Check this thread with several reports of crashes when riding in France: Link

      Btw, ZwiftPref doesn’t do anything else than what you could yourself by editing prefs.xml in a text editor.

      1. Thanks Jesper — the link didn’t make it through on your reply. But, I think I know what might be going on. At the time of my post I was just trying to track down all possibilities of “ok what’s new and might be going on”.

  3. Hi Jesper,
    Is there a hack for logging into Zwift without an internet connection? I’m a merchant mariner riding on a ship with satellite based internet. Course changes, weather, ship’s structure all affect the satellite signal. This gets very frustrating trying to log into Zwift to get a workout or a ride in. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks for all of your hard work on your site, love it!

  4. Zwiftpref 5.0 does not show all the worlds or any routes. Any reason or issues?

    1. No, everything is fine – just tested it. It’s a sign that download of the route data fails. If on macOS remember that ZwiftPref needs accesss to your Documents folder.

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