1. Hi great tool ive been using it quite a bit, however since Yorkshire has been added I can only select Yorkshire from the world menu, I cannot one of the routes on the Yorkshire course as I cannot see it or I should say I can only see the first 2 letters or so of each route. I cannot scroll and I cannot maximise the window so I can select. Im running it on Windows 10 I haven’t downloaded the version 26 of Zwift pref as it stated that it was to resolve a bug fix for windows 7 users and im on windows 10, any help you can offer would be appreciated

      1. Hi Jesper
        sorry for the late response I’ve installed the test executable and the tab versions seems to display fine I haven’t tested it with Zwift as yet, for information my resolution is 1366×768 on a windows 10 laptop, thankyou for responding so quickly

  2. Tabbed fixed it for me also. Great work! Frankly, this is an immense value-add to Zwift. I use it every day! Thanks for putting it out there!

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