How to choose a 3rd world…

It is really to simple to select a world other than Watopia and the guest world of the day with zwift-preferences and ZwiftPref. Just remember that you must click on the name of that world in the Ride with… screen to choose it before you press ‘Ride’.


  1. I am finding the tool no longer works at all to select any world that is not the Main or Guest world. If you select a world that is not one of these, then upon launching Zwift, and Main world will load.

    1. zwift-preferences / ZwiftPref both work fine with the latest version of Zwift (I just tested it with 1.0.34056 on a Windows PC). It could be that your prefs.xml files is corrupted (a quick fix is to delete it and let Zwift re-create it) or that you haven’t submitted/saved the change to preferences before you launched Zwift.

      Finally, remember to click on the name of the world at the top of the Ride screen before you press the Ride button.

      1. Thanks Jesper – I’m not sure I understand this bit: “Finally, remember to click on the name of the world at the top of the Ride screen before you press the Ride button.”

        If on a given day the Main World is London, and the Guest World is Innsbruck, and I want to ride Watopia, then how will I do that?

        Also, is it still possible to use the n hack via editing the prefs file? I cannot see that line of code any more.

        I am definitely submitting the selections in the Tool (and have updated both Zwift and the Tool). I will try your trick to delete the xml file.

        I am also discussing with Zwift the fact I cannot see any workout “over the road” banners while in the guest world. Seems some video resources are not appearing in the Guest, at least for me. Would be interested to hear if anyone else is having the same issue.

        1. I mean that as shown approx. 10 seconds into the video you have to click on the name of the world at the top of the screen – otherwise Zwift will load Watopia when you press ‘Ride’.

          Just to clear up misunderstandings. There is not such a thing as a ‘Main’ which changes. There is a schedule for the ‘Guest’ world, and Watopia is always on EXCEPT if you use the world hack.

          And yes, you could modify prefs.xml by hand if you prefer – zwift-preferences/ZwiftPref just helps you do it.

          1. I apologise, I have successfully used the tool to select ANY world, at any time. Thanks Jesper for your help (and patience) with this.

  2. Thanks again Jesper – I’m really sorry to bother you with this. I’m starting to think I’m *really* thick in the head…

    Please forgive me if I’m really missing something here, but if Watopia is always available to ride, and the Guest World could be any of the others on rotation, then if on any given day Watopia and London are the two worlds available to ride, and I wish to ride Innsbruck, how can I ride Innsbruck in this situation?

    Also, it seems the old ” n ” line of code is no longer in the prefs.xml file. I’d be interested to learn how the ZwiftPrefs Tool is currently altering that value, and in what file it is making the edits.

    ZwiftPtefs is not able, as far as I can see, to enable riding in any but the two worlds available in the main program on any given day.

  3. If I change the world on my MacOS, will it also update on my iOS devices as well (Apple TV)?

  4. It doesn’t seem possible to select the new Giro d’Italia Course. Will ZwiftPref be updated or are we back to manually writing the prefs.xml file?

    Great program, btw! Very convenient.

    1. You cannot world hack to the new Bologna TT world – it really is only accessible during events – so it won’t be offered for selection in ZwiftPref unless someone comes up with a way to make world 6 / Bologna TT hackable, too.

  5. Hi Ron, You can only ride the new Bologna Course via joining an event. These events run every 30mins around the clock – join via your app, and off you go!

    To be clear: Zwift is not at this time offering the Giro course as a stand-alone world, so you will not see the ZwiftPrefs option as you’re expecting.

      1. Hmm, I can’t see them as of right now, but the other day when I checked, they were running every 30mins. Not sure how to access the course now… Perhaps some others will enlighten us.

  6. I’m just wondering, if you’re doing a route using this world change technique, will the progress you make (XP, Drops, Badges from route completion) be saved to your account properly? I’m scared to do the full PRL and then not have a badge for it 😛

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