ZwiftMap for macOS is here

Update 2017-03-31: Version 1.1.0 is out

Update 2017-02-08: Version 1.0.0 is out


Finally, ZwiftMap for macOS is here!

(… and Windows users can try it, too)

More details and instructions will be added to the ZwiftMap page later, but I thought you should have the app while its fresh!


The download links are further down on this page. Before you download I have a few hints for you:

  • Use Zwift in window mode. The app will always be on top of other applications but it does not work properly when Zwift runs in fullscreen mode. You will probably have to run Zwift in window mode to be able have the map as an overlay to Zwift.
  • There is a magic key combo. When you start ZwiftMap it will not react to mouse clicks. This changes when you press the magic key combo Alt+Command+Z (in Windows use Alt+Windows+Z). Now you can drag the map around to where you would like it places.. When you press the key combo again, ZwiftMap will go back to letting mouse clicks through to the application below the map.
  • ZwiftMap is prepared for the volcano extension. The map itself is retrieved from a web service here at ZwiftHacks. The map is downloaded when you start ZwiftMap so you must be online to run the app. The benefit is that you get changes to the course map without having to download and install new app versions. NB! Absolutely no information about you is stored by this web service so your privacy is protected.
  • Quit ZwiftMap through the launcher / task bar. The easiest way to close the app is via a (right) click on the entry in the launcher bar / task bar. Look for the yellow Z + red arrow icon.
  • Prepared for streaming. There is a way to use ZwiftMap as an overlay when streaming e.g. with OBS Studio. The instructions will be added to the ZwiftMap page later.

What about the old ZwiftMap for Windows?

The old ZwiftMap for Windows is still there. I will still fix bugs in it and make sure it handles course extensions such as the upcoming Volcano extension, but in the long run the new ZwiftMap Multi will take its place.

Does it really work on macOS?

I really hope so (UPDATE: but see comment about security settings at the end of the post)! I do not have a Mac-computer so the app has been developed, tested, and packaged in a virtual client running macOS. If you find that it behaves oddly anyway, remember that…

Feedback is welcome

I would love to hear from you. Please leave questions and feedback as comments to this post.



Download “ZwiftMap (macOS)”

zwiftmap.dmg – Downloaded 36082 times – 166.03 MB

md5 checksum: 02b3382b3a910f523f6fdbb6498a22fd



Download “ZwiftMap (Windows)”

setup-zwiftmap-2.2.2.exe – Downloaded 33858 times – 64.13 MB

md5 checksum: 1d243f602e23724222c052f3426d2779


 Security settings

Thanks to Aleš Sušnik for pointing this out in a comment on Zwift Riders:

… even if you have the settings to run the apps from anywhere (not only app store) you should go to settings, security and click open [zwiftmap], otherwise it won’t start.



  1. Thanks for this awesome app!
    When opening the app, I get a JS error, telling me it cannot find the logfile. I have a custom “Documents” location, so the Zwift logs are not located in C:\Users\Jeroen\Documents\Zwift\Logs\Log.txt. Not sure why it need log files anyway, it works fine once I click OK on the error message. I know in C# you can get the Documents location with: Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.MyDocuments); not sure for other languages, but assuming %USERPROFILE%/Documents is incorrect 🙂

    Is there a way to change the size of the map in this version?
    Thanks again for your awesome work!

    1. Your current position is read from the log file as Zwift writes it there. You will see the map but not your current position, then.

      I thought I had put in a proper logic for finding the log file but will have to take a further look at it. Thanks for reporting the problem.

    2. I hope the new version 0.2.0 from yesterday solves the problem with the error message and finding the log file.

  2. Great add-on to Zwift, Jesper! I’ve downloaded the Mac version, could start it and am seeing the map in the middle of my screen. What i can’t do is dragging it around as you described. cmd+alt+z does for some reason not work for me. I assume i can move the map also while seeing my desktop, but all it does when clicking on it (after the magic key combo) is changing to Finder in the menu bar at the top. Unfortunately there’s no indication if dragging is currently possible or not and there’s also no alternative mouse command. What am i doing wrong? I’m using Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2

    1. It sounds like you are doing the right thing. Why it doesn’t work is not clear, but perhaps there is a conflict in keyboard shortcuts or some problem registering the global keyboard shortcut.
      I think that I will add some visual indicator of the window state in the next version.

        1. I have a Swiss keyboard with Swiss German language setting (QWERTZ).

          Really like the app and hope that you will make the other hacks available for Mac too…;-)

          1. Yeah, I can see there is a problem with the framework I am using when developing ZwiftMap. This means that the key combo is in fact Alt+Command+<whatever key is where Z is placed on a QWERTY keyboard>. I hope it gets fixed in the framework itself. There is not much I can do about it, but will add a menu item which does the same as the key combo.

            The key mapping works as it is supposed to on Windows PCs

  3. I’m having trouble with the download itself.. First try it downloaded only 18mb and then just finished.. wouldn’t open.. Next time it downloaded 27.5mb and then again just quit.. still, would not open.. Trying third time now.. download speeds seem really slow.. maybe getting swamped by all the hungry mac OS zwifters trying to download!…

    OK.. third time got to 32.8mb and then just stops.. (closes the window and writes the incomplete file to my download folder). I’ll try again tomorrow and see if I can get the whole 39mb.. 😉

      1. Thanks Jesper,

        So strange.. still not able to download it completely.. Never had this problem with files before and I”m a very fast internet but the download just goes for a bit, very slowly, then it stops.. it writes the file to disk like it’s finished but file size isn’t the full 39mb.. Today I can only get about 10mb before it stops..

  4. In the new version of ZwiftMap, is there a way to set up the position of the map (like the older version) so you don’t have to go through the process every time you open the app?

  5. Ive downloaded the Windows version but when i go to open it it says that the setup files are corrupted and to obtain a new copy of the program. i tried downloading the file again but having the same issue. any tips? im using windows 10

    1. I have just downloaded ZwiftMap Multi for Windows and installed it without problems. My best advice is that you clear the browser cache and try again.

  6. In a future version, it would be nice to be able to select the color of the map. I find it much easier to read the orange map in the older version of Zwiftmap, when it’s running on top of Zwift, than the white map in the new version.

    1. The map is supposed to show in white but because of a mistake by me it has been showing in black instead since Wednesday (I guess). That would have made it very hard to see so. Maybe that was why you asked?
      The problem should be fixed now (it does NOT require you to download anything again).


  7. Hi Jesper – I downloaded the map overlay recently (for Windows 10) and it’s in a file on my computer, but it isn’t actually coming up on screen when I log in to Zwift. I’ve tried full screen & windowed mode. Do I need to move the file into the Zwift folder, or is there something else I’m not doing ? Thanks. (PS – I’m using Alienware Alpha console rather than a PC if that makes a difference)

    1. You’ll have to run the setup program you downloaded. This installs the program you have to run to see the map.

  8. love the maps Jesper, thanks! tried the mlti version instead of the classic windows version but missing the “pretend it’s fullscreen option” if you know what I mean.

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