ZwiftPref shows both guest worlds

Since Zwift has recently introduced a second guest world on the calendar it would be nice to know what is on the calendar before you world hack with ZwiftPref.

In the latest version 0.5.0 you can see information about both guest worlds.

The world hack is the same as before: The normal base world is Watopia but the world hack lets you choose any world – other than the event only worlds (Bologna and Crit City) – as your base world so you can access it in Zwift.

Download the update

Get the latest version from the ZwiftPref page.


  1. thnx again.

    On a sidenote the distances in the course selection are not always that accurate. Could it be that it is based on the segment or is it based on the route.

    1. If you have examples of that please share them. It should be the same data as in the route list at

  2. Is there a way to change the guest worlds instead of the base world? It would be convenient to choose from courses in multiple worlds (say, Watopia, Innsbruck, and France) directly in Zwift without having to open ZwiftPref each time.

    1. You can do the map schedule hack to trick Zwift into using a different calendar (just google zwift map schedule hack). It’s not mix and match because the scheduled courses are grouped in certain pairs but it’s possible.

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