Route selection woes in zwift-preferences / ZwiftPref

Important note re. the new home screen in Zwift:

Since Zwift doesn’t show your last selected route in the new home screen you cannot activate a ride on your last selected route anymore. That also means that you cannot activate a ride on a route pre-selected with zwift-preferences / ZwiftPref.

There is no way to circumvent this but let’s hope that Zwift bring back the functionality to see your last selected route.

How can I access Event Only routes?

Well, you can create a club and organise rides on Event Only routes, too. That doesn’t even require any kind of hacking but relies entirely on official Zwift functionality.


  1. I remember there were a couple of event-only routes (New routes in Watopia) that I couldn’t even see from a Zwift Club or a Meetup.

      1. By the way. I came across a workaround somewhere to get the old home screen back (And thus, the latest route). Something about changing the language in-game, closing, and opening again (I tried Italian)

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