Fixing ZwiftPref to show world list again

This is a bug fix update, necessary to get the full list of world after a Let’s Encrypt root certificate used in securing web communication expired October 1.

Besides that nothing is changed.

Download the update

Get the latest version from the ZwiftPref page.


  1. First of, thanks for putting out a MacOS version of this! I very much enjoy deciding for myself which route I choose, regardless of Zwift’s schedule.
    I recently tried to cover all the new event only routes that will be used for the ToW, e.g. “Handful of gravel, Italian Villas Circuit etc.”, and they all work….except for “Mayan Bridge Loop”. Selecting Mayan Bridge Loop in the tool and saving seems to cause Zwift to default to “Surprise Me…” in the route selection. Is it possible that the route signature used for “Mayan Bridge Loop” (1082034232) is incorrect, so that Zwift can’t read it?

    1. I can see that Zwift has a bug in the route definition file for “Mayan Bridge Loop”. It is marked as a cycling only route and not a running only route in-game. Because of that Zwift cannot show it in the route selection screen. It requires a fix from Zwift.

      1. Ah, thanks. I knew there was something off. Well, I guess they’ll have to fix it either way, otherwise there won’t be a run on this route for ToW. 😉

          1. Ha, thanks! As expected since ToW has started and I think this route is on next week 😉

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