zwift-hotkeys v26

zwift-hotkeys v26 brings a few bug fixes and starts adding hotkeys for the new home screen (but this is still work in progress):

Bug fix: Fix detection of current route (for the Ctrl-W and Ctrl-Shift-W hotkeys).

Bug fix: Fix automatic exit of zwift-hotkeys when Zwift is closed.

Improvement: Add logic for detecting of new home screen and its scaling;

Changed but with known bugs: Changed Ctrl-X (Exit) to click top right icon in the new home screen.

Improvement but with known bugs: Ctrl-H (home, will press the top left icon in the new home screen).

Besides this the installer has been revised (no functional changes or bug fixes, but it will make it clear that AutoHotkey 1.1 and not 2.0 is required).

Find the download at the zwift-hotkeys page.

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