Select any world and route with zwift-preferences v19

With zwift-preferences version 19 you can choose any of the five world including New York. It also handles route selection for both cycling and running. The ‘Sport’ toggle also determines which pairing screen (cycling or running) will be shown in-game at launch.

Selecting routes/courses

Depending on the setting ‘Sport’ (cycling or running) you can choose cycling and running routes, respectively.

Download the update

Get the new version 19 over at the zwift-preferences page.



  1. I have downloaded the app, and it worked at first, but now I when I set the world and route, it just gives me the Zwift route of the day

    1. Zwift defaults to the course of the day. You probably just forgot to click on the name of the world you selected in Zwift (so its background changes from grey to black) before you clicked ‘Ride’.

      This video shows what you should expect to see:

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