Track your friends and race yourself with ZwiftMap 1.1.0

No more teasers – ZwiftMap with a lot of new features is finally ready!

The big news:

If you sign in with your Zwift user you will get a lot of extra features:
* User names instead of user IDs in the chat log.
* See the position of the riders you follow directly on the map.
* Launch your own local ZwiftGPS server – then you can see the map in a browser from any device in your network!
* Race ghosts – either your own previous activities or those of other riders.



Do you not want to see those you follow on the map but still would like to see user names in the chat log? Then check the option ‘Show only my position (not followees)’ – then ZwiftMap will show just show your own position.

More changes

* The interaction mode (where you can drag and resize a window) has been much improved. You can now resize by pulling on any of the four borders.
* You can zoom and pan in the map window. Simply press the ‘Enable Pan/Zoom’ button when the map window is in interaction mode. The setting can be remembered (this is a per world setting) between sessions. To return to default pan and zoom in future session press first ‘Reset Zoom/Pan’ and then ‘Remember Zoom/Pan’.
* Toggle pseudo fullscreen mode for Zwift (Windows only). – Sorry, you will have to wait for a bug fix… Update 2017-03-31 at 20:20 CET: Version 1.1.1 fixes this bug

There is online help in the configuration, map, and chat log windows. Hover over or click the ?-mark icons to get further descriptions of the different features.


A lot of credit for this version goes to Andy Lee ( for his contributions. All of the hardcore changes in ZwiftMap which allows us to retrieve information from Zwift, show rider data etc. is his work. Thank you, Andy!

Feedback is welcome

I would love to hear from you. Please leave questions and feedback as comments to this post.


Jump over to the new ZwiftMap page for the downloads. You will also find links to all the previous announcement posts there.



  1. Loving the new OS version. You Rock! Thanks.
    Is there a way to resize the names of followees and the color without resizing the map? Thanks.

    1. In this version you cannot change the text size except by zooming the entire map.

      The colour of the text is taken from the option ‘Rider colour (other riders)’, so that you can override as you like. Just remember to uncheck ‘Use default colours’.

    2. Actually, you CAN overwrite the text size but you have to:

      First create a folder named zwiftmap in your Documents/Zwift folder
      Then create a file named user.css in the zwiftmap folder with the following content:

      g.rider text {
      font-size: 12000px !important;

      12000px is the default size so change the number to whatever suits you.

      1. Thanks, I will add those lines of code. 🙂

        Do you have plans to have the software remember the user name and password?

        1. It should remember the user name.

          We do not want to risk overloading the Zwift API. Because you actively have to sign in it helps to make sure that there are not unnecessary many clients polling for data.

          I may add an option later to remember the password.


          1. thanks,

            Yes it remember the username. I see your point.
            I just have to remember to sign in in future. I was wondering this morning why I don’t see the rider names in Chat and I don’t see my friends riding (ok one friend). I checked after the ride and realized that I did not sign in.

  2. I was just about to ask about the text size on the Pc . 🙁

    I did the London Loop this morning with my Ghost pacing to help me set my PB. It worked better than expected. (I picked the wrong Ghost to pace).

    My ghost got tired after the lap and did not ride with me for a second lap. It would be nice if the ghost would regroup at the start/finish line for a second lap.

    This is a cool tool, Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. I’m having trouble getting the ghost feature to work on my PC. When I launch ZwiftMaps the “edit ghost” button doesn’t allow me to click on it. Is using the ghost feature something that I should use through my phone rather then my PC?

    Thanks for all the hard work and great features that you’re adding to the Zwift platform.

      1. The ghost feature was disabled in the ‘official’ version of ZwiftMap in May because it depended on Zwift APIs which we cannot use anymore.

        The new ZwiftMap Preview version uses ZwiftGPS which lets you ride against your own Strava times. This version is currently only available for Windows.

  4. The new version for PC is great. I read that to move and resize, drag the bottom right corner. I am using a laptop and, I left click in the area, hold it and move the mouse but, nothing. Map remains in top right and chat in top left. What am I doing wrong. Thanks again.

    1. Press the key combo Alt+Windows+Z first. Then you will get a border around the map and chat log which you can grab and resize with.

      1. Thank you. Thanks again for all the functionality. Incredible additions to Zwift.

  5. Hi Jesper, I don’t know how one can ride with out this map.
    I was wondering if in event mode if you have access to the rider list. It will be nice to see all the riders in the event on the Map.

  6. I have followed a few people in Zwift companion but I can’t see them on Zwiftgps. Is there lag? Do I need to wait? Am I doing something wrong?

      1. Hi Jesper, I had opted in at, will that be sufficient? Or do I need to do it in the companion app to?

          1. I just connected to ZwiftGPS and in companion I see 6 zwifters that I follow riding right now but I only see 2 in the map. These are zwifters that I follow through companion24 hours ago. I’m wondering if it just takes some time for them to show up in ZwiftGPS and whether not all of them show up because they are participating in an event or something like it. I’m wondering if there is a way to see if I a Zwifter is an event or just doing a joy ride.

  7. Hi Jesper, just for kicks, I checked the Companion apps settings (IOS) “Connections” and I see Strava, Garmin, Training Peaks, Withings, today’s Plan, MapMyFitness and fitbit, but I see not option for ZwiftGPS. However, the option is there in the website. However, I’m doing the ‘follow’ to several riders using the ‘Companion app’. I’m wondering if that is the issue but I would have to see how I do the follow without the companion app and see if it works better.

    1. You’re right that it is not an option in Zwift Companion App. I had forgotten that. However, that has nothing to do with whether you can see your friends or not in ZwiftGPS. Remember that they have to connect their account to ZwiftGPS, too.

      1. Hi Jesper, that makes sense that I would not see them unless they are in ZwiftGPS. It would be nice to know who is in ZwiftGPS to follow them. I just see riders that do the routes I like and I have similar performance to mine and I was wondering why I was not seeing them and it must be because they are not in ZwiftGPS.

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