1. How does the change of calendar on iPad not work for Scotland ? I can get it working for everywhere else. Any idea …. Thanks

    1. I’m not sure what you’re asking.
      I noticed that the link above to Scotland events wasn’t working so I’ve changed that. Other than that I’m not aware of any problem. If you can elaborate I will look into it.

      1. Hello! Sorry, so u know on the iPad you can skip to (for example) to June 22nd if Scotland is on the map. When I try do it for Scotland
        it doesn’t work. I can get the other world locations just not Scotland for some reason. If I go on my mac and edit the file that then works. But changing calendar date on iPad isn’t work for Scotland.

        1. You try to ‘world hack’ on your iPad by changing the date? Don’t bother with that. You can just choose a workout, choose a route in Scotland for your workout, start the workout, and then just skip out of it when in Scotland.
          A tip is to create a very short custom workout with a single freeride section for this purpose so the workout completes almost immediately.

          1. Can’t see how I do that. Can see workout etc but puts me back to current world choice. I’m new to all this really.

          2. Can’t see how I do that. Puts me back to current world choice. I’m new to all this really.

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