The most popular events?

It would be nice if there was a way to see the most POPULAR upcoming events

That was what Eric from Zwift Insider wrote to me. It was a great idea, and now it’s implemented in the event list.

Read his write-up of the new features to the event list and go check them out yourself.


  1. Love it! Any chance to add a ride length filter, for example, if I want a 100km ride or a 2 hour ride, etc. Thanks!

  2. Another idea would be to be able to register for recurring events so you could plan your calendar easier

  3. hmm, I find the ladies only thanks for that. When I press the Men only I only get a few events. I was thinking more in line of which events are availably for me as not-lady.

    Maybe something to filter on location. Flat, Hills

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