1. Hi. Sorry, I’m new to Zwift, still trying to figure everything out. Is there an IOS app for ZwiftHacks, or do I access the events page through the web? Can I join an event from the ZwiftHacks events page, then access the event when signing into Zwift, for the ride (from my laptop/PC)? Thank you.

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      There is no separate app but the page is designed to be used also in Safari or another browser for iOS. Personally, I have bookmarked it with a shortcut straight on the home sceen of my iPhone – it makes it easy to open when I need it.

      For each event there is an orange button with the text ‘zwift.com’. Click that and on an iOS device it will open the same event description in Zwift Companion App where you can sign up for the event. On a computer it will instead open Zwift’s event page in your browser and you can sign up there. When you have signed up like that, either way you can access the event when signing into Zwift for the ride.

  2. Figured ZwiftHacks was the place to look for an Events calendar. Was hoping for integration with Outlook but, this is great. Created a page on the home screen and it’s as if you built an App. Great job and thanks.

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