TR-Z-move works with the new TrainerRoad desktop app

TR-Z-move has been updated to version 4.

The big news is that it now supports the new TrainerRoad desktop app (both the beta and the official version). Other than that it works just like before.

In previous versions of TrainerRoad the workout instructions could still show on your primary screen and not on the same screen as the workout window itself. It seems that it is not a problem in the new desktop app so the fix for that was removed in v4 of TR-Z-move.

How to use

If you use the ‘Watch for changes’ option it doesn’t matter in which sequence you launch TrainerRoad, Zwift, and TR-Z-Move.

  • Launch TrainerRoad, load your workout. Move the workout window to the screen where you want it (with standard Windows keyboard shortcuts Win+Shift+Right and Win+Shift+Left), and switch to minimal mode.
  • Launch Zwift.
  • Launch TR-Z-Move and make sure that ‘Watch for changes’ is checked.


  • Windows PC with

    Choose the compiled version below for the simplest installation. Then you do not have to have AutoHotkey installed on your PC.

Download – compiled version

Download “TR-Z-move compiled script” – Downloaded 1347 times – 535.40 KB

Version: 5

Download – script version

Download “TR-Z-move script”

TR-Z-move.ahk – Downloaded 877 times – 7.54 KB

Version: 5

More info

License: CC NY-NC


Moves the instructions and dialogue windows for the TrainerRoad minimal workout window to the same screen as the minimal workout window itself.
Moves and resizes Zwift to fit above the minimal workout window.


  1. Thanks for the update! 😀 It will be so much easier to run both apps now 🙂 Don’t need to “manually” resize Zwift all the time 😉

  2. Hi Jesper,
    Thank you for this. I really appreciate your work.

    Should it be compatible with dual-display setups? I have two displays with different resolution: The one in my laptop, primary,
    lower resolution plus an HDMI-connected secondary monitor with higher resolution). I run Zwift and TR on the external (larger) monitor. The Zwift windows does not resize correctly, there is a large gap between the lower Zwift edge and the upper TR edge.
    I have not checked, but I seems like the height of the Zwift window is calculated from the height of my primary display, and not from the height of the display where Zwift an TR are running.
    Currently I help myself with closing the Laptop, so that the external display is the only one, which fixes the problem temporarely.


    1. If definitely ought to work with multiple displays but it sounds like there could be a bug if the displays have different resolutions. I’ll see if I can fix it.

      1. Thank you so. Let me know if I can give you any more details to locate this topic.

          1. That was fast, thanks!! Hope to have the time check tonight. Do you have a donation link?

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