False malware alerts

There has been reports of Google Chrome, McAfee, and Windows Defender flagging the downloads for ZwiftMap as dangerous and containing malware. This is not the case which I have verified several times over the past day or so.

Anyway, if the warnings concern you my best advice is simply not to download ZwiftMap.

Google has already earlier today verified that the downloads are okay and should no longer flag them in Chrome, but this is apparently not enough because other programs flag the downloads as dangerous

I have signed the downloads (actually, the .exe files in the .zip files you download) with a digital signature to provide at least some sort of indication that you are in fact downloading the original software. The digital signature (a property of the .exe file) is called ‘Code Signing ZwiftHacks.com’.



Besides that you can verify the integrity of the files you download by looking at time stamps, file sizes, and hash values of the files. Use a tool such as as HashMyFiles from NirSoft  for this.

The files should have the following properties:

Not updated for version 7

Not updated for version 7


Finally, I will look into what else can be done to remove the false alerts, and will possibly have to purchase a trusted digital signature in order to be able to sign the downloads properly.




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