Steering, Fence, Doubledraft, Jersey unlock?

If you want to know if an event has steering disabled you can see it in the ZwiftHacks Event list. Look for the ‘Steering not allowed’1 or ‘Steering allowed’ tag.

Besides that you can easily check for events with doubledraft, jersey unlock, and fence.

The layout has been adjusted slightly with new codes in the ride type column. If you are in doubt the codes are explained in the legend.

UPDATE 2020-08-10:

You can also find the events where steering is allowed: A ‘Steering Allowed’ tag is added to all cycling events which are not already tagged with ‘No steering’

UPDATE 2020-11-01:

A new ‘Steering not allowed’ tag has been added. All cycling events are tagged with either ‘Steering allowed’ or ‘Steering not allowed’.

  1. Updated 2020-11-01 13:56 CET because of a change to the event list []


  1. Cool stuff for the no-steering option. Any chance for a ‘Steering Allowed’ option (that basically could be combined with races/events to find ones that allow it)?

  2. Looking at cycling events today, ‘No Steering’ shows no events, while ‘Steering allowed’ shows many. Bug?

    Also, every race today has steering allowed apparently, which I am very surprised by, can that be right?

    1. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. After the latest game update it seemed that all events tagged with nosteering were in fact the ones with steering enabled (I tested it). I don’t show the nosteering tag for now and try to determine which events have steering enabled. You probably cannot trust the event list completely because the data from Zwift is funky! I will revise the rules used when producing the event list when Zwift and their event data makes sense, hopefully soon.

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