Toggle fullscreen in ZwiftMap (Windows only)

In today’s release of ZwiftMap 1.1.0 there was a bug in the new ‘Toggle fullscreen Zwift’ feature (this is a Windows only feature). It is fixed now in version 1.1.1.

With this all features of the old ZwiftMap Classic for Windows have finally been ported to the new ZwiftMap for macOS and Windows.


There are no changes to the macOS version so there is no need to download this again if you already downloaded version 1.1.0.


The update is waiting for over at the ZwiftMap (macOS and Windows) page!


  1. How do I select Zwifthacks if I have Zwift set to open in full screen mode. All my windows icons disappear when Zwift is in full screen mode and I cannot select Zwifthacks because I cannot see the icon to select it. I have tried opening Zwifthacks first before I open Zwift. The map then appears, but as soon as I open Zwift over it, the map disappears. If I open Zwift in “windowed mode” then the windows icons are visible, but if I want to then select ‘full creen’ In Zwift, Zwift tells me it needs to exit to make that change and then I am stuck with no icons again. How do I get to Zwifthacks icon with Zwift in “full screen mode”. Thx

    1. The pseudo fullscreen mode (run Zwift in window mode and use the pseudo fullscreen button to remove the border) is the best solution I have. You cannot make ZwiftMap overlay Zwift when it is in true fullscreen mode.

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