Tips & Tricks: Customise the background in ZwiftMap

A user asked:

I was wondering if you can add an option to use a custom background for each route. I use this app on my second monitor and if I can change the background of the map I can make Q sheets and additional information as a picture to display with the map.

It is already possible!

Set background images for ZwiftMap

It only takes a few steps to customise your ZwiftMap experience:

  1. First create a folder named zwiftmap in your Documents/Zwift folder.
  2. Download this file:

    Download “User customisation #1 for ZwiftMap” – Downloaded 555 times –
  3. Unzip/uncompress the contents to the new zwiftmap folder.

Now, the next time you start ZwiftMap it will use different custom background images for each course!

Choose your own background image for ZwiftMap

The file user.css can be edited to reference other background images or you can replace the three images w.jpg, r.jpg, and l.jpg with your own.

Get back to the normal look

Simply rename or delete user.css to deactivate the customisation.

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