Events – Easier Access to All Filters

The top section of the events page has been improved with a tabbed menu as one of the changes.

Some of the filter options were hard to find before. With these changes they should be easier to access.

You may notice different layout and styling changes, too. They should only be minor, however.

If you find any problems with the page you can use the comment section below to report them.


  1. You’ve lost the ability to search by date now, so if I want to see what’s on Sunday I have to hit the 7 day list and then scroll through. You used to be able to select a date in the calendar. Or am I missing something? Otherwise, much improved.

  2. Could the tags and rules be alphabetical?
    I think they would be easier to find that way

  3. Events are not showing in chronological order now. This just started today. AND you can’t sort by header fields. (Name, Time, km, Route)

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