Find your Zwift user ID

Your Zwift user ID is something you need for two important purposes: Logging in to ZwiftGPS and signing up at ZwiftPower.

In this post – the first of a series – I show you how to find it in a secure manner using your log file.

Part two will show you how to find it from

Part One: The log file holds the truth…

… or at least it contans your Zwift user ID hidden among the many log lines. This makes it very easy to find your user ID. Here are a couple of way to do it without you having to read through the log file yourself.

#1 – on Windows

Copy this line, press Windows+R, paste the line into the Run dialogue, and press Enter:

cmd /k find /i "player id" %UserProfile%\documents\zwift\logs\log.txt

The result is like this:

(You can just close the window when you are done)

#2 – on macOS

Copy this line, paste it into a Terminal window, and press Enter:

grep -i 'player id' ~/Documents/Zwift/Logs/log.txt

The result is like this:

#3 – with help from a web app

The app at does essentially the same as the searches above, just in a browser. You can drag a log file into the dropzone (look for log.txt in your Documents/Zwift/Logs folder or send it to yourself from the iOS version of Zwift).

In a moment your user ID will be shown:

Coming up: Part Two: Finding your ID on

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