zwift-preferences v26

zwift-preferences version 26 is a bug fix version specifically for Windows 7 users. It fixes a problem with download of the route definition files.

Besides that it contains cosmetic changes and some under-the-hood changes but not any fancy, new features.

Download the update

Get the new version 26 over at the zwift-preferences page.


  1. Hello Jesper,
    Thank you for your work, it’s really a plus for all serious zwifter 🙂

    Unfortunately, I don’t see Yorksire in the choices nor the different routes for the other worlds.
    Only “surprise me” an “group nearby” is available
    I’m on windows 7 64

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Please also check the logs of your anti-virus/anti-malware program to see if it has blocked the download of the content files that zwift-preferences get from the server.

    2. You should also try to clear the cache in Internet Explorer and see if it makes a difference. Just google ‘how to clear cache in internet explorer’ to find instructions on how to do it.

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