zwift-preferences v22

zwift-preferences skips version 21 and jumps straight to version 22 with support for changing the preferred screen resolution and toggle the Prefer Native BLE setting on the Miscellaneous tab.

Download the update

Get the new version 22 over at the zwift-preferences page.


    1. It has to do with whether Zwift uses ZCA or the PC built-in Bluetooth but you’ll have to play with it if you want to find out if it actually makes a difference and how 🙂

  1. is there a way to make the preferences window smaller it defaults to a large width when I open it that does not fit withing my PC monitor. Not a big deal …just wondering.

  2. Once a world and route is selected I’ve noticed that in game the route cannot be changed meaning that it defaults to the route selected in zwift-preferences. Is this normal? Is workout or training mode affected?

    1. That is not at all what I see. You can change the route in the normal way in the game even if you have pre-selected a route in zwift-preferences. I have just verified that.

      If you continue to see this problem I suggest that you delete/rename your prefs.xml file and let Zwift create a new one. I could be interested in seing your (old) prefs.xml if that helps – you can contact me via the contact form here and I’ll give you an e-mail address you can send the file to.

      What do you mean when you ask if workout or training mode is affected? The route selection whether made in-game or pre-selected in zwift-preferences applies to whatever you do in Zwift whether it is a workout or a free ride, of course with scheduled events and meetups as the exceptions.

  3. I can’t get the v22 to work. I moved away from Zwift for a while and haven’t used the program since around last April. Everything worked fine then. I have tried deleting the log’s files, not allowing Zwift to start after a reboot etc.

    If I pick Innsbruck for example, I get a logo on the bottom right of the screen so it looks like it is going to work but then I get the screen saying “loading Watopia.

    I am using Windows 10 64bit and a Wahoo Kickr

    Can you help please?

    1. I can’t get it to fail so it is hard to say what your problem could be 🙂

      It seems very odd if you have the UCI logo but it says ‘Loading Watopia’. My best suggestion would be that you 1) make sure that Zwift is updated to version 1.032945, 2) delete (or rename) prefs.xml, 3) launch Zwift normally so it re-creates prefs.xml. Then it ought to work.

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