zwift-hotkeys v18 – A bunch of improvements

zwift-hotkeys v18 has a bunch of fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes move to next screen (Ctrl-Tab) to also support vertically stacked screens
  • Bug fix for detecting the ride pairing screen properly
  • Fix for better handling of Left Alt key
  • More onscreen buttons supported: Pair steering device (6 or Alt-6), click blue ‘Join event’ button (Ctrl-J)
  • Changed icon in systray
  • Ctrl-1 launches a window with some useful links for zwifters
  • Now also able to launch exe version of zwift-login if it exists in the same folder as the compiled version of zwift-hotkeys

Internally this version is prepared for recognising more dialogs and prompts in Zwift so more hotkeys can be added in later versions.

Find the download at the zwift-hotkeys page.

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