Update: zwift-hotkeys

zwift-hotkeys has been updated with several new keyboard shortcuts and fixes.

Some of the changes are:

  • Keyboard shortcuts (R or Left Alt+R) for toggling between Running and Riding in pairing screen
  • Keyboard shortcuts (1-5 or Left Alt+1/../5) for selecting which device to search for in the pairing screen.
  • The number shortcuts work for choosing a device in the Searching window, too.
  • Ctrl+O works for pressing OK in Pairing and Searching windowsWindows The Windows operating system from Microsoft.
  • J or Ctrl+J : Just watch
  • B / Ctrl+B: Remove border and maximise (pseudo fullscreen)
  • R is the shortcut for giving a Ride On – fixed. Shortcuts for jumping between riders fixed, too.

Find the downloads on the zwift-hotkeys page.

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