What’s the best tutorial…

What’s the best tutorial to learn the basic facts for Zwift? How to find the different routes, what the thumbs up logo means, …

That is a question often asked from new Zwifters. Here is my answer to just this question:

Zwift has quite a lot of instruction videos at zwift.com/video/how-to-cycling which you should look at.

Besides that support.zwift.com is a great source of information, too. Go there, click where it says ‘Cycling’ and find several support articles, also for the new Zwifter.

The community has also produced some exceptionally good sources of information:

zwiftinsider.com has a lot of good information including descriptions of all the routes, …

…, and the unofficial Zwift manual at titaniumgeek.com also explains all the basic things.

Jesper from ZwiftHacks

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