Version 3 of ZwiftMap is ready

Version 3 is now ready from the ZwiftMap page.

There are many changes on the inside but the following you will notice:

  • The user interface has changed. The chat log is now in a separate which you can position like you want. By default it “glues” to the ZwiftMap window but can be moved away. If you minimise the ZwiftMap window the Chat Log will remain visible (you can close it, though).
  • An experimental feature has been added: Toggle pseudo fullscreen mode for Zwift. This means that you can make Zwift appear to run fullscreen but at the same time have the map visible (in your Zwift settings you must choose Windowed mode, not Fullscreen). When you click the button, the Zwift window is maximised, its border is removed, and the Windows taskbar is hidden (its Auto Hide setting is set). Click again (or exit ZwiftMap) to reverse this.



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